Questions? Ask a Tree!

Trees are awesome. I know this but was happy to be reminded of why trees are awesome at a recent tree-themed yoga and aromatherapy workshop. On this March afternoon, yoga teachers Jan Jeremias and Dee Andalkar led us in a discussion about the gift of trees. We then considered ways we can be more like them.

Why would a person want to be like a tree? Well, here are some words we associated with trees at the beginning of the workshop:

  • Grounded
  • Strong
  • Branches
  • Flexibility
  • Roots

The Many Gifts of Trees

Beyond the admirable qualities they represent, trees offer many tangible gifts, most notable the oxygen that keeps us alive. Trees also give us fruit, shade, and the gift of aromatherapy.

There are many tree essential oils, including the one Jan and Dee diffused during the workshop, Douglas fir. The oil has a light, citrus-like quality. It’s a clean, purifying scent that’s good for the respiratory system. It’s also uplifting and can help with focus.

Get Grounded, Branch Out, Ask a Tree

One great thing about trees is they are strongly and firmly connected to their source, the earth. Yet they are flexible and able to sway in the wind. This gives trees a foundation from which to weather storms, something thing I’d like to have in common with these beautiful beings.

I was especially struck by Dee’s description of the conversations she has with trees. Now before you start thinking she’s a bit crazy, let me explain. Better yet, try it! I’ve had a few chats with trees myself.

If you’re stressed, confused, overwhelmed, sad, or feeling any other emotion you’d like some help with, go outside and sit with a tree! Watch its branches sway. Watch its leaves rustle in the wind. Notice the beauty and strength of its trunk, the color of its leaves, and the uniqueness of its branches. I promise if you do this long enough, answers will come. Just listen; don’t overthink it.

Whether the answers come from the trees or from within us is irrelevant. Trees, after all, don’t look to others to solve their problems. Perhaps they serve as reminders that when we need answers, we can find them within if get grounded, strong, and quiet. When we align with our higher selves, we can navigate what comes our way.

How to Be More Like a Tree

If you’re a yogi, you can be more treelike with a grounding yoga practice. Jan led us through a series of poses that were both grounding and expansive. Tree pose, of course, was one of them. In fact, we did a few variations of tree pose built upon the basic pose.

Poses like crescent lunge and warrior are treelike as well. We practiced a wonderful flow in which we more or less became trees, moving from an acorn to a full-grown tree with branches.

My Chat with Trees

As Jan noted, seeking answers is part of the human condition. We all want answers; we want to be guided, and we hope we’re able to be guides for ourselves.

But we all also need help. With this in mind, I spoke to the trees in my yard the next morning. I had to listen carefully to hear their reply since the branches are still mostly bare. But on that morning, the first day of spring, as I watched the swaying seed pods, the trees whispered these words: patience, hope, and renewal.

I urge you to speak with trees as often as possible.

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