If you got here by way of my professional website, you may already know a bit about me. If we’re meeting for the first time, hello! I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m Maria, a freelance writer, editor, and digital marketing consultant.

I work with businesses, wellness professionals, instructors, and authors to create print and web content that helps build relationships with readers, clients, customers, and students through content marketing, SEO, and SMM.

I also write educational material and e-books, and I’m an experienced book and technical editor as well.

This site, Third Eye, is the older of my two blogs. While I rarely post new content here, I invite you to have a look around and hope you’ll find something relevant in the archives (there’s a list of categories to the right).

Please note that I’m not a medical professional. Any health-related idea or information I share is based on my own experience and should not replace medical advice.

After you have a look around here, I invite you to visit my newer blog, Yoga Circles.

If you want to read more about writing and editing, check out the articles on my professional website.

I’d love to know about YOU! Feel free to contact me anytime about the topics you read about here, your work, my work, or anything else you’d like to discuss!

Maria Kuzmiak, M.A. is a health and well-being writer with a background in nutrition, psychology and education and a passion for yoga. She has written hundreds of articles, blogs and newsletters for clients in health-related fields, particularly those specializing in yoga, natural medicine, nutrition, and spiritual health and healing. Maria has also worked as a nutritionist, teacher and technical editor. Learn more about her writing at www.wellbeingwriter.net.

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