mkWelcome to my blog! I’m Maria, a freelance writer and editor with a background in nutrition, education and psychology. I work with wellness professionals to create print and web content about yoga, health, nutrition, pets, and well-being of mind, body, and spirit. I help individuals and small business owners with content marketing, SEO, and SMM. I also write educational material and e-books, and I am an experienced book and technical editor as well.

I’m a devoted yogini, and most of the time, I’m a vegetarian. I also love reading (especially with my yoga book club), music, the theatre and animals. I enjoy baseball, being in nature and visiting wineries as well. I live in a suburb of New York City with my husband and our two cats.

Well-being WriterHere’s  a bit more about me in pictures (including a look at my favorite room in my home – my yoga studio)!

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headstandmy home yoga studioSedona rocks



Samson salad



Maria Kuzmiak, M.A. is a health and well-being writer with a background in nutrition, psychology and education and a passion for yoga. She has written hundreds of articles, blogs and newsletters for clients in health-related fields, particularly those specializing in yoga, natural medicine, nutrition, and spiritual health and healing. Maria has also worked as a nutritionist, teacher and technical editor. Learn more about her writing at www.wellbeingwriter.net.

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