DownDog Boutique: More than a Great Place to Buy Yoga Clothing

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I’m not usually a big shopper, and I don’t typically get excited about buying things, but once in a while, I have a shopping experience worth talking (or writing) about. Recently, I had this kind of experience while shopping for yoga clothing on a site called DownDog Boutique. When I found the site, it didn’t take long before I “liked” it on Facebook, followed it on Twitter and signed up for its newsletter (another thing I rarely do). Why? Two simple reasons: customer service and genuinely enjoyable social media interaction. I even entered… and won… an email contest sponsored by DownDog Boutique! My prize was a beautiful white wrap from BelaBela that I’m sure I’ll be wearing often.

So here’s the story. I became a fan of DownDog Boutique months before I made my first purchase. I was searching for yoga tops and came across the site online. Since there was a Facebook promo (10% off for Facebook fans), I “liked” their page even though I didn’t find what I was looking for that day.

Like many people, I tend to scroll past a lot of posts from sites I’ve liked or followed on Twitter, but that hasn’t been the case here. I’ve noticed and read most of DownDog Boutique’s posts because… well, they’re interesting! And they do what social media should do, engage like-minded people (in this case people who love and practice yoga) and encourage interaction.

A few months after I first discovered DownDog Boutique, I was once again looking for a specific item – lightweight drawstring cotton yoga pants in a color other than black or gray! Oh yeah- and in a long length, since at 5’ 8”, I have a hard time finding pants that are not too short. Needless to say, I didn’t find this item with a simple search. So I emailed DownDog Boutique, and asked for some help to find what I was looking for. I got an almost instant response from Terri, the site’s owner, with suggested brands that I could look at.

Maybe I just don’t shop online enough, but I’ve not had this kind of “virtual personal shopping” experience before. Sure, I’ve asked for help with purchases, but the kind of friendly and helpful responses that I got from Terri are rare. She eventually helped me find two pairs of pants – one that I absolutely love (from Green Apple) and one that just didn’t look great on me – so I sent it back; no problem.

If you like all things yoga, you’ll love being a friend, follower or newsletter recipient of DownDog Boutique. You won’t feel like you’re being pressured to buy, but you’ll probably have a nice wish list very quickly! The site offers clothing, accessories, jewelry, books, and DVDs. While you’re deciding what you like and what you want to buy, you’ll enjoy reading about yoga and seeing pictures and other posts that help you stay in touch with fellow practitioners as well as your own inner yogi. And if you’re looking for something specific and need some help, email Terri. She’s awesome!

Before I wrap up this post, let me just say in the interest of full disclosure that I was not asked to write it. I’m just sharing something that I think other yogis will enjoy! So check it out…and let me know what you think!

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