Yoga and New Beginnings

bloomsI’ve been to several yoga classes lately in studios that are new to me. Today I attended a class in a studio that is new to everyone. The class was taught by my friend Dee, who is one of my favorite yoga teachers, and the studio, Ma Yoga and Meditation, is headed by a yogini with a truly spiritual presence that is reflected in the beauty and energy of the space. I knew right away that I was going to feel wonderful after this class!

Dee began by connecting the idea of spring and new beginnings to the beginning of this new yoga studio. I love to be part of something new! There are so many possibilities that can unfold when something new begins to happen. Sometimes you know right away that this thing is not for you. Other times, like today, you know that something has come into your life that will help bring about a shift in your being that is ready to happen. I’m not saying I know exactly what that is for me yet, but I know that doing more yoga is part of the direction I’m ready to take. Of course doing more yoga may mean that I have to do less of something else.

A few times during the class, we were encouraged to consider whether there was something we needed to leave behind. I couldn’t help smiling as I thought, “Maybe I need to leave part of my work behind.” You see, this particular class takes place during a time of day when I really “need” to be at work. I knew I’d come home to an inbox full of emails from colleagues who had no idea that I was not at my desk but was, instead, at a new yoga class. Or perhaps I needed to leave behind the thoughts about my schedule being disrupted if I make this new class part of my routine.

Sure enough I got back to my office much later than I should have and struggled to keep my mind on the editing work that I do to pays a few bill while what I really want to do – experience and write about wellbeing, yoga, nutrition and spirit – waits. When I was finally satisfied that I’d gotten enough done for now, I put it aside to write this about new beginnings. When you’re ready for a new beginning, it does not necessarily happen in a dramatic way. As tempting as it may be to quit your day job and run off to an ashram, it’s just not going to happen for most of us. I’m sure I’m not ready to give up the part of my work that doesn’t necessarily feed my spirit but does satisfy my need to have something that resembles a “real job.” But I am ready to spend more time doing yoga and writing about yoga, spirituality and wellbeing. And that’s exactly what I intend to do!

Another amazing thing happened on this day of new beginnings. It’s the kind of thing that happens when you pay attention to a theme like this. When I walked into my kitchen after the yoga class, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful flower bouquet that I bought a few days ago to brighten the space in my home. When I bought it, there were two yellow lilies in the arrangement, but one was closed. I expected that it would open the next day, but it did not. I thought perhaps it would open the day after that. It did not. So I decided it was probably one of those flowers that would never open. But today, when I came home from yoga, this spectacular yellow lily was in full bloom. Not only was it open, but it was bigger and taller than all of the other flowers in the vase. Now, that, I thought, was a beginning worth waiting for!

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Maria Kuzmiak, M.A. is a health and well-being writer with a background in nutrition, psychology and education and a passion for yoga. She has written hundreds of articles, blogs and newsletters for clients in health-related fields, particularly those specializing in yoga, natural medicine, nutrition, and spiritual health and healing. Maria has also worked as a nutritionist, teacher and technical editor. Learn more about her writing at

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